The irony of silence

The irony of silence

Muzzled by the Supreme Court, The Slants frontman Simon Tam wins the historic fight for his band's name without saying a word
Artist, activist, and troublemaker Simon Tam stands for a portrait in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Photo by Joe Jiang, courtesy of Simon.

In 2017, Simon Tam won his years-long battle to own the right to call his Asian American dance-rock band The Slants.

Simon’s Matal v. Tam victory only emboldened the path he was already on to reclaim the power that racist bullies had tried to take from him in his youth, while amplifying and organizing the voices of Asian American artists and activists.

In this Odd One In teaser, Simon takes us into the courtroom at the Supreme Court on the historic day of his hearing where the Justices debated if Simon’s band name was offensive to Asians. Meanwhile, the only Asian Americans in the courtroom that day—including Simon Tam whose name was on the docket—weren’t allowed to say a word.

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The song you heard in this podcast teaser is Made It by Yung Kartz.

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Stories of misfits making their own way. Hosted by 2021 AIR New Voices Scholar Kristin Leong.
ODD ONE IN is a production of ROCK PAPER RADIO. Learn more and subscribe to our newsletter for misfits and unlikely optimists at
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