Feb 24, 2022 • 2M

From single mom to misfit producer

ODD ONE IN's Kristin Leong on how what doesn't kill us makes us a weird podcast host

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Stories of misfits making their own way. Hosted by 2021 AIR New Voices Scholar Kristin Leong. ODD ONE IN is a production of ROCK PAPER RADIO. Learn more and subscribe to our newsletter for misfits and unlikely optimists at RockPaperRadio.com.
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ODD ONE IN is a podcast that shares stories of misfits making their own way. The show is hosted and produced by 2021 AIR New Voices Scholar Kristin Leong. This podcast is a production of ROCK PAPER RADIO. Listen and subscribe here.
ODD ONE IN host Kristin Leong (left) on a winter walk with her favorite teenager. Photo credit: Keri Zierler, December 2021.

Today Kristin Leong is ODD ONE IN’s host and producer, but not too long ago she was in a much different place.

In this teaser, hear how becoming a single mom when she still a nightclub bartender with a Sarah Lawrence degree and no clue what was next helped pave the way for her to grow into the misfit multimedia producer she is now.

Also, learn more about the our big nerdy dreams for the show and for turning our ROCK PAPER RADIO world into a community for misfits and unlikely optimists.

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The song you heard in this podcast teaser is Numb by Yung Kartz.

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