Jun 29 • 2M

Socks flapping

Queer Land Project founder and Stanford scientist Jess Silver treks through the mud out to her dream yurt

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Kristin Leong
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Jess Silver, at home. Photo courtesy of Jess, 2023.

In order to get to the yurt Jess Silver and her partner built as their first home together on the Queer Land Project they co-founded, strategy and pre-planning is essential. Forget to leave boots at the barn? Prepare for a muddy, sock-flapping adventure.

In this Odd One In teaser, Jess gives us a glimpse into the literal path she forged to her off-the-grid life on Silverwell Farm.

Jess is the co-founder of the farm, a 34-acre cooperative experiment just outside of Olympia, Washington. The Project is home to about a dozen hardworking queers and a handful of children. Jess and her landmates are raising pigs, building shelters, and tapping trees for Bigleaf maple syrup. But that’s just her homelife. At her day job, Jess is an Ecosystem Services Analyst with Stanford University and the University of Washington.

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The song you heard in this podcast teaser is High on Loungin’ by Wax Lyricist.

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