Jul 7, 2022 • 2M

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calling all misfits making their own way—this show is for you

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Kristin Leong
Stories of misfits making their own way. Hosted by 2021 AIR New Voices Scholar Kristin Leong. ODD ONE IN is a production of ROCK PAPER RADIO. Learn more and subscribe to our newsletter for misfits and unlikely optimists at RockPaperRadio.com.
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Second generation Korean American Phillip Lee thought he only had two options in life: work for his family’s food truck, or keep using drugs until he died. At 24-years-old, he found out there was a third option: music.

In Odd One In’s debut podcast episode, follow Lee’s unexpected reinvention into Old Chingu as his life is saved through hip hop and faith. In this episode you’ll also meet author and professor Dr. Daudi Abe, Seattle first hip hop scholar, who will flip your understanding of what hip hop is and who it’s for.

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Odd One In is hosted, written, and produced by Kristin Leong. The song you heard in this podcast trailer is Memories by Old Chingu and Tyler Parker. This trailer was produced and sound designed by Matt Martin. Odd One In’s pilot episode was made possible with generous support from The Slants Foundation.

The Slants Foundation works at the intersection of arts and activism to amplify underrepresented voices, especially those within our Asian American communities.

Odd One In is a podcast that shares stories of misfits making their own way. The show is hosted, written, and produced by 2021 AIR New Voices Scholar Kristin Leong. Odd One In is a production of ROCK PAPER RADIO. Listen, subscribe, and learn more at RockPaperRadio.com.
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