Feb 18, 2022 • 2M

"Hip hop itself is a misfit."

Seattle's dopest professor saying it loud for people in the back

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Kristin Leong
Stories of misfits making their own way. Hosted by 2021 AIR New Voices Scholar Kristin Leong. ODD ONE IN is a production of ROCK PAPER RADIO. Learn more and subscribe to our newsletter for misfits and unlikely optimists at RockPaperRadio.com.
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ODD ONE IN is a podcast that shares stories of misfits making their own way. The show is hosted and produced by 2021 AIR New Voices Scholar Kristin Leong. This podcast is a production of ROCK PAPER RADIO. Listen and subscribe here.
Meet hip hop scholar Dr. Daudi Abe.Years ago, Daudi and I toured Washington state imaging what more equitable classrooms might look like with Humanities Washington. Among other things on that adventure, I learned that Daudi really likes bread, and we’ve been allies ever since. Find Daudi’s book here, and learn about his experience as a male educator of color who has taught every grade from kindergarten through college at my ROLL CALL project here. Photo credit: Kristin Leong, 2017.

Dr. Daudi Abe is the northwest’s coolest scholar. He’s the author of Emerald Street: A History of Hip Hop in Seattle.

Dr. Abe will be opening ODD ONE IN’s pilot episode featuring Old Chingu’s story of finding his way as a Korean American MC and first generation son.

In this teaser, hear host Kristin Leong talk with Daudi about how the seminal 1983 film Wild Style shaped hip hop culture and set the scene for a culture of misfits and resistance.

The music you heard in this ODD ONE IN podcast teaser is Numb by Yung Kartz.

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