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I am a nurse practitioner who cares for people, day and day out yet the judge granted me no access to my child. My husband has full temporary access. I have expressed to the judge that he’s not going to counseling he’s not following orders and the next thing I get is an order stating that my parenting time depends on the recommendations of a counselor, a counselor to which my husband is still not going. This is November, the order was written. It’s five months later, and I have been alienated from my child by the help of the family court system.

I have recordings of gaslighting and lies that were told my daughter and she was was overly hostile, which should’ve been a red flag

he went in and told the judge that I was crazy and irrational and treated him poorly and he did everything for me, and the judge believed him along with connections to a criminal defense attorney, who sent me a message telling me good luck with my charges I know all the prosecutors. They are very well. Tell them I said hello.

. it was almost like a personal vendetta against me, instead of a family court system, protecting the mental health and future of a minor.

My daughter even threatened suicide on a recording over lies. She was told about me. This has been expressed to the family court system and still he has full access, and Counseling has not been enforced. We tried to file contempt of court saying he’s not complying and we’re telling you this for the third time he’s not complying and her order say time with her child depends on the counselors recommendations and the judge put it in the file and said I’m not listening to this and left my child again without Counseling.

These court systems are beyond biased, and they are uneducated as to what parental alienation looks like in this damage that it does to children and it sets that child up to either be a codependent or a narcissist themselves, and it continues the cycle of abuse. It is absolutely destructive Yet they don’t seem to care or understand

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