Aug 26, 2022 • 27M

Ep. #1: Hip Hop Redemption

a single mom, a misfit musician, and the flyest professor in Seattle

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Kristin Leong
Stories of misfits making their own way. Hosted by 2021 AIR New Voices Scholar Kristin Leong. ODD ONE IN is a production of ROCK PAPER RADIO. Learn more and subscribe to our newsletter for misfits and unlikely optimists at
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ODD ONE IN is a podcast that shares stories of misfits making their own way. The show is hosted and produced by 2021 AIR New Voices Scholar Kristin Leong. This podcast is a production of ROCK PAPER RADIO. Listen and subscribe here.
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Odd One In debuts with host Kristin Leong sharing her own misfit journey through single motherhood, a Korean American musician’s bargain with God during a night in jail, and a rap battle tale of poetic justice triumphing over racism from Seattle’s original hip hop professor.

Odd One In is a production of ROCK PAPER RADIO. This episode was written, produced, and narrated by Kristin Leong. Sound design was by Matt Martin. Editorial support was provided by Yowei Shaw and Diana Opong.

The music featured in this episode is by Old Chingu and producer Tyler Parker. Their debut album is Anxious Kids. Tracks by Fresh Kid Ice, Yung Kartz, and Rocky Marsiano were also included. Our guest scholar was Dr. Daudi Abe. His book is Emerald Street: A History of Hip Hop in Seattle.

This debut episode of Odd One In was made possible through generous support from The Slants Foundation and 4Culture.

You can find the full transcript of this episode here.

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